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To find out how many weeks you are pregnant or how big your baby is, select the calculation method and enter the date and press the calculate button.

Below this page, you can also find the answers for frequently asked questions about this subject.
Pregnancy Calculator
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What is Pregnancy?

It is the period between fertilization and birth.

What is gestational week?

Pregnant women follow the development of their babies week by week. For this reason, it is of great importance for the women that they are in the week of pregnancy.

How to calculate pregnancy?

First, the date of ovulation, and then the start and end dates of other processes of pregnancy are calculated. While performing all these transactions, the averages in our country are taken into consideration.

How many weeks does pregnancy last?

The average duration of pregnancy is 9 months and 10 days. This period corresponds to 40 weeks.

When is the estimated date of birth?

You can find out the estimated birth date of the baby using our calculation tool. As a result of the procedure, the date given for the birth of the baby is not an absolute result. Usually, the birth of the baby may be 15 days before or after the expected. This is natural.

How is baby weight determined during pregnancy?

You can use our calculation tool to find out your unborn baby weight. In addition to your baby's weight, you can also learn the size of your womb. Height and weight data of infants are calculated using world averages. For example, the length between the head and feet of a 24-week-old baby in the womb will be approximately 30 cm and about 600 grams in weight.

How reliable is the calculation tool?

Our tool; For normal pregnancies, the last menstrual and conception date is calculated and for pregnancies provided by IVF method, egg collection, embryo transfer or blastocyst transfer date is calculated. Because all these processes are performed, Turkey averages are considered, the results obtained are quite reliable.

How reliable is the pregnancy calculation with the Chinese calendar?

With the Chinese calendar, there is a common belief that the sex of babies can be learned before birth. There are also women who try to get pregnant according to the Chinese calendar to have a certain gender baby using the same method. However, this calendar was created for entertainment purposes and has no scientific aspect. The sex prediction that a normal person will have without any information is the same as the probability of the sex prediction resulting from the Chinese calendar. Therefore, such gender estimates should not be respected.